Let the celebrating begin!!

Tonight we went to JT’s families house to celebrate L’s birthday, we had a really good time. Dinner was yummy as always. His brother is the best cook, he makes a mean Korean pork steak (my mouth waters whenever I think about it) and I really liked the cupcakes I made, regular box mix with cherry jello drizzled in the middle.

The kids could barely wait for present time, we always make sure we include the other child in birthday present time. JT’s mom bought J two pairs of shoes which we didn’t think would tie him over, we were anticpating a fit (cause he is only 3) so JT and I purchased a Stars Wars small set for him to open ($5) and he was extremely pleased and I was pleased with the shoes. He played with that while we were able to focus a little attention on L.

dscn1409  dscn1414

Like I said the cupcakes were so stinkin good, I ate two while we were there.

dscn1408  dscn1407

On to the lovely L’s presents, wow this girl made out like a bandit. She has been beside herself excited that Molly was coming home with us today. Molly who you might ask?! American Girl Doll Molly. Plus she got some other great gifts, she received a doll stand for Molly, her book and accessories, Molly’s movie and miniature sized Kit. She is in seventh heaven.

dscn1410  dscn1416

dscn14191  dscn1422

Then when we got home tonight she wouldn’t let Molly or Kit for that matter out of her sight.

dscn1440  rscn1446

I am sure she’s having happy dreams tonight.


2 thoughts on “Let the celebrating begin!!

  1. heather says:

    Happy Birthday Hotomom Girls!!
    Hope both of you have a fabulous time celebrating 🙂

  2. hotomom says:

    Thanks Heather. She has the birthday that just won’t quit 🙂 Then mine is this coming weekend and we are having an adult weekend. YEAH!!

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