Fashion Challenge Friday

Today we are joining Do They Have Salsa in China for a glimpse into L’s closet (not really cause it’s scary in there) or I should say a glimpse at what she would pick out to wear if I let her everyday. She loves this day. I even announce it to her before she gets dressed. So today she decided on a black and red polka dot dress, that is now a shirt since she has outgrown it; Black capri leggings that don’t go with this dress but I am pleasantly surprised to see her matching her colors; the blue and brown polka dot headband is back this week and so are the pink boots; The newest accessory are the sunglasses she received from my brother’s girlfriend as a present at her party last Sunday. There you go, I don’t think it’s so bad this week. I would actually let her leave the house in the concoction.

In the first one I told her she looked like she was preparing to do some sort of karate move called the crane…


Here are her other two poses:

dscn1372  dscn1373

I can’t really tell what she likes better (LOL) the outfit or the picture taking.

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3 thoughts on “Fashion Challenge Friday

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    That dress is SO cute as a shirt!!!!

  2. M3 says:

    Love it!!! The outfit is adorable, and the poses are just the best! Makes me grin.

  3. Lisa~~ says:

    You have a little fashion model, love the outfit and the poses.

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