Things I Love Thursday – Spontaneous Friends


I love having a friend with kids the same age and I also love that I can call her and just say “let’s go to the zoo today” and she’s totally game. Guess what… that’s what happened today. I had decided I wasn’t going to send J to speech today because of his horrible cough so we had a free morning, which we should have spent at home relaxing but instead I texted my friend and we met at the zoo (so much better for his cough… lol). It was our first trip there this year and we had so much fun. We did the zoo at the same pace, I am a walk through, see what you want to see and move on kind of gal and so is she. I don’t like to hmmm and haw over every aspect of an animal or sit around and wait for them to do something, if they are boring…. NEXT. It was a little more expensive than I anticipated ($11.00 for parking, good lord) and a little more crowded than I thought it would be because then I would’ve parked on the street, but all the same we had a great time. We skipped the carousel and train, I told the kids if they were okay with that they could each get a small animal at the gift shop when we were done. It worked out to be the better deal, cheaper for me and they got to bring something home. I am seriously thinking about starting my membership up at the zoo again, everything is free. Having a friend that’s as spontaneous as me is AWESOME!!!

dscn1328  dscn1330

dscn1344  dscn1359


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday – Spontaneous Friends

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    We had SOOOO much fun. Thank you for being such a good friend 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    Being spontaneous is definetly a trait to love. I bet you love having such a good friend that you can be spontaneious with too:)
    Looks like a fun day at the zoo!

  3. Mary Jo says:

    I LOVE my zoo membership!! Worth it for parking alone :0)

  4. I love the zoo. Great place for a playdate!!

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