A Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

It’s taken me couple days to get this post done. I also was not happy with my own photos but luckily my friend (a professional photographer) was there with her daughter and brought her camera, she sent me a slide show of some of her pictures and mine are puny in comparison :), hers were amazing.

I made these crazy gift bags that included handmade tutus by moi, handmade magical wands by my mom, plumes, jewelry, nail polish, sunglasses, boas and just lots of other fancy things. The girls went crazy for them and it made L so happy to be giving them each something special. We made crowns and bracelets, ate pink cupcakes with sprinkles and m&ms, drank pink lemonade and read Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly. It was a great afternoon but I sure am glad that it was only 2 hours, I was beat by the end of the day. Poor J was so sick with a 104.7 fever most of the morning so he and JT stayed downstairs with my brother in his apartment. We all survived and the next morning L woke up and started crying, when I asked her what was wrong, she said “I want today to be my party too”. I guess she had a good time.

Here are my friend’s pics (keep in mind I downloaded these from her website and aren’t the originals):


L's beautiful dress

L's beautiful dress



Love her bare feet in this picture

Love her bare feet in this picture

Blowing out her candles

Blowing out her candles

The gift bags

The gift bags


Cuddling with my mom

Cuddling with my mom


2 thoughts on “A Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

  1. […] L turned 5 and we celebrated with a Fancy Nancy party […]

  2. yinka says:

    Oh my goodess the gift bags are unbelievable, how did you make them.
    The party looked like so much fun.
    Wonderful job.

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