Fashion Challenge Friday – My Little Angel

She is feeling all better today after one last episode last night where there was a bloody nose that soaked a washcloth and a half and a difficult breathing episode. I sat in the bathroom while the shower went full steam with a crying 4 year old that was profusely bleeding from her nose while JT was on the phone with our pediatrician. Good times!!!

But today she went to school, there was no fever and she was smiling as we left this morning. YES!!! When she got home from school she promptly changed clothes (several times) but this is finally what she settled on some bright pink legging capris, a handmade skirt from my cousin O, a purple long sleeve shirt, white socks, pink boots and a blue and white polka dot headband. Whew!!! Quite the outfit.


Check out other little girls and their odd lovely outfits on this fine Friday at Do They Have Salsa in China.

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3 thoughts on “Fashion Challenge Friday – My Little Angel

  1. M3 says:

    Oh that outfit made me grin!! She did such a great job — you can just see the fun she had.

  2. DawnS says:

    Ha ha I lOVE this outfit and it looks like she does too!

  3. Stacey T says:

    What an adorable skirt!!! Is it from a pattern??? If so, what pattern is it, I just LOVE it!!!

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