My Day Today

Started out this morning dropping JT off at work

Then the movie store to drop off our movies, I had 4 to drop off and forgot that one of them went to a different Blockbuster, so I was pulling out and realized I would have to go back later to pick it back up and drop it at the other Blockbuster (ugh)

Onto the library. Returned books and checked out some different ones

Arrived early to speech therapy so we sat outside in the car for 15 minutes, kids were crazy obnoxious

Dropped J off at speech therapy

Panicked because I thought I lost my sunglasses, found them in my pocket

Went to Sally Beauty Supply to purchase 12 tiny bottles of nail polish for the party, spoke to a not so happy saleslady

Dollar store for more “fancy” things, because apparently mommy has to be fancy too, only found a hat

Target dollar section to see if there was anything “fancy”, there wasn’t so we purchased balloons and candles

Picked up J from speech therapy and proceeded to drive home

Get home, unload the kids, coats off, shoes off, sitting down to look over our fun stuff we got – realize that I am supposed to be at my mom’s work picking up something for her

Put coats and shoes back on, load kids into the car and head to mom’s work

Get to mom’s work, load item, talk and play a little

Head to movie store because I forgot all about that dilemma too

Pick up movie that was returned to wrong store, rent a movie for each kid and two for JT and I, not the movie we wanted – Bedtime Stories (I wish all the movie companies would just pick one date and release on that date) load disappointed kids into the car

Head to other Blockbuster to return stupid movie that is really starting to piss me off at this point

Finally head home

Make lunch and put in Marley and Me for L and I to watch while J watches Batman something or other

Hold both children on my lap while it lightning and thunders (they will be somewhere in the house doing perfectly fine on their own, they hear thunder and they appear out of nowhere to cling and sit on my lap)

Receive e-mail from JT, happy to have new job but required to work strike duty next week Monday and he is required to work 6 days, 12 hour shifts (7 am to 7pm) sweeeet!!! That should be easy to figure out with our schedule and one car – just keep chanting “at least he has a job” “at least he has a job”

Now we are watching Dora (insert gagging noise) waiting to pick up JT at 5:00

WHAT A DAY!!! We went from doing nothing yesterday to being crazy today. No wonder poor L is run down again.


One thought on “My Day Today

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m exhausted just reading your post!
    That’s why I don’t do blockbuster anymore. Just Netflix.

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