L vs. The Scissors

L has a fascination with scissors, she is always taking mine when she can’t find hers and sits in her room cutting paper into tiny confetti. I would allow this if she asked me to borrow them first and then she wasn’t allowed to cut anything else. Those were the rules. I thought I had covered what she wasn’t allowed to cut: hair, clothes, dolls, furniture, dogs etc. She was doing so well we became a little more relaxed, she would take them off my desk and kind of shout to me as she “walked” (cause we don’t run with scissors) off, telling me she had them.

On Sunday I was away with some friends scrapbooking and having a lovely afternoon with my friend and new friend, I didn’t want to leave. When I got home L was in her room so I walked in to say I was home and gave her a hug. I immediately notice that her hair looks weird. Oh yes, I said her hair. The inevitable… she cut her hair. I screamed for JT and asked him if he knew that L cut her hair. He said that he didn’t but then he started walking around her room and there was hair everywhere. I was really proud of myself, I didn’t get mad or yell. I just sat her down and calmly told her that this was not a good thing and that our hairdresser may have to cut her hair short. She started bawling.

I called my hairdresser and left a message (she doesn’t work on Sunday or Monday’s) she called back and was able to fit us in yesterday. For school on Monday I put her hair in braids it was Dr. Suess day so I did it all Cindy Lu Who, it was a great cover for the destruction. I could never get any good pictures of her self-done haircut but I have to say that my hairdresser did a wonderful job covering up the damage without sacrificing L’s length.

Here’s a picture, she now has layers. It’s all very chic and fancy (just in time for her party).




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