Missing in Action… yes I have been

I had a very busy day yesterday with a dual birthday party at Monkey Joes for two of L’s classmates. We came home and relaxed for a few minutes before my bro called and said he was sitting on the front porch, so we joined him for some brews and conversation. Then JT’s cousin JT (yeah they have the same name, it can be confusing) came over and took JT to the hockey game so the kids and I watched Bolt after he left. I put them to bed and sat a played a new game on my iPhone. VERY BUSY DAY!!! I just kind of forgot to even open my pc yesterday. Many more things happened through the evening but I will leave those details for a someday story.

I don’t have very many WFMW tips lately. Nothing seems to be working for me right now, I seem to be having a bad week. I didn’t fall asleep last night until 4:00 am then L woke up at 6:00. I threw her in bed with me until 7:45 am. Woke up, got two kids ready for school, went out to put the kids in the car and the car wouldn’t start. We think it’s the starter. The car is only 2 years old, can you say pain in the *ss. JT thought it might be the starter but we called my mom anyway and she came over to possibly give us a jump. Before we jumped the car though we woke up N* and made him come check it out, he’s pretty good with cars. He turned the key (everything on the panel would turn on it just wouldn’t turn over) and played with the gearshift and it started right up. So we are taking it to the dealer tomorrow because that’s shouldn’t happen. We were then officially late for school, got to school and there was a rummage sale so there was NO parking, I was so frustrated at this point. Stayed at school because I was room mom today, had a good day at school, came home napped and then decided maybe I should blog something. Not at all a fascinating story but just goes to show you how the past few days have been crazy.

Because none of that was entertaining I will share a recent funny story. Yesterday on our way to Monkey Joes I was behind some guy doing the speed limit (30 mph) and L says to me: “Mom are we running out of gas?” I said, “No honey, why?” “Cause we are going so slow.” I apparently have a lead foot, I know this fact, I just didn’t know my daughter did.


One thought on “Missing in Action… yes I have been

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    Totally off subject, check this out:
    Fun things to blog about everyday of the week! I commented about your Photo Monday in hopes that they add it 🙂

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