My first solo project

Tonight I just completed my very first solo sewing project. Meaning my mom was not sitting beside me walking me through the whole thing. I made a pair of shorts and an a-line top for L. I will wait to show you until I can get a picture of her wearing them. I also made a dress. I cheated on this a little though. I bought the pre-made fabric at Hobby Lobby and sewed a seam in the side. I purchased ribbon for the ties (which I have to trim) and voila a simple play dress for L. She likes it and that’s all that matters. Tomorrow I am going to tackle a dress from a pattern so it’s much more in depth like the outfit I finished tonight. The toughest part on that outfit was figuring out the button holes. But I did it and I am happy with the result. It’s not perfect but it’s my first. Here’s a picture of the little, simple dress I put together.



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