Things I Love Thursday – Bean Bags


For Valentines Day my cousin O made my kids some bean bags in the shapes of o and x’s. My kids don’t understand the concept yet of tic-tac-toe, mainly because I haven’t taught them but I have found many other uses for them.

First combined with some chalk outside and they can be used for hopscotch, both of my kids can do hopscotch and it encourages gross motor skills (like hopping).


Then I created a new game from our obsession with the game Sliders. I drew a big target on the ground and a line a little farther back where they would stand. Then they would throw the bean bag to see who gets the bigger score or number. This entertained them for a while, plus JT and I liked playing too.


These are great toys to add to our summer activities outdoors. Think of all the other things you could do like setting up buckets or containers and throwing the beanbag in them (like Bozo show). She has her own store on etsy called LivvieLee. There aren’t any beanbags but she has some really cute stuff on there that you can check out.

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One thought on “Things I Love Thursday – Bean Bags

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    I want some!!!!!! Will she make some and sell them? I’ll beg if necessary.
    I LOVE the second game idea with the target throw.

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