More Random

I couldn’t come up with a brilliant blog post today so I decided to just throw a bunch of info out there, stuff that’s going on.

I’ve been a little under the weather lately (just allergies) but man have I been tired. I took a sleeping pill last night and slept so hard that today I am a ton better. Ready to tackle the worlda few things, like blogging. Not much going on really though. Last night I laid around while JT took L to dance class, that was a really nice break. J stayed with me and played right by my side the whole time.


He ran into his room to get a toy, came back and played with it for a while, placed it on my chest and asked me to put it away. I told him absolutely not! You take it back into your room (we’re talking 10 steps here people).

He says, “No I scared” I said, “Oh come on J it’s fine, you went in there to get it and it’s just you and I in here.”

“No, I scared!” and starts to have a fit. “J cool it. Your fine.” I started tickling him and playing with to distract him.

He was fine for a few minutes when he started again, so frustrated I said “Wanna call someone that cares?”

To my surprise he said, “Yeah I call GeGe.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I dialed the phone, he told my mom “I call you cause you care.” She started laughing too after I told her the story.

Such a stinker!!! I tell you this boy has some supreme emotions. He is giving up his nap I believe. I still put him down everyday but he is only in there for like 30 minutes at the max, enough time for his lullaby cd to turn off. I of course attempt to restart the cd and to try again but he just lays in there and calls my name. He is almost 4 and L gave up her naps when she was 3 but oh boy is there not a day that goes by I didn’t wish L still took a nap. She is super cranky and emotional all day. Now I have J in the exact same mood every afternoon. Good times. But this too shall pass.


Last night after dinner we had a game night. We played a game I purchased yesterday at Target called Sliders. I really like the game and I believe my family did too. It says for ages 6 and up but J did fine with the game. We just helped him with his scoring. After the kids went to bed JT and I played Sliders by ourselves and after the third game he had won in a row I was done, so then we played Blokus. It’s a fun strategical game. I like playing with him it’s nice and calm (kind of like chess).


Here’s some more random:

I finally passed out the birthday invitations at school today and mailed the others on Wednesday. I’ve been carrying them around all week.

I am surprised I remembered early dismissal today. I think the calendar reminder and the post its everywhere helped. 🙂

Tomorrow everyone (except me) gets haircuts and then I have to start getting stuff for the upcoming party.

Tonight JT has to pick his mom up from the airport. She’s been in Japan for a almost a month.

Both kids are signed up for soccer and that starts in a couple weeks.

Next week is spring break and we have a couple of play dates and some other fun stuff planned.

Next Friday is our book club meeting and I keep starting the book and making absolutely no headway. I just cannot get into the book. I still have a week and have been told that it picks up a little.

That’s it. All the randomness in my head. I’ll be back soon with something brilliant to say I just know it.


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