Just our day…

  • I slept til 9:00 am today. I took a Benadryl last night because my allergies are in full swing. I had to pry my eyes open this morning. Thankfully there wasn’t school today and JT was working from home.
  • JT had another phone interview today. So far he has had 2 offers but we have to wait for them to be approved by the higher-ups. So technically no job yet.
  • Shopped for a purse on-line this morning
  • Had a doctor appointment for myself, just a typical yearly thing
  • Able to enjoy the drive with my iPod and my Starbucks
  • Came home to crazy kids so we took them outside and played for almost 2 hours
  • J didn’t nap again today. Unfortunately I think he is getting ready to give up his afternoon nap. I will keep tryiing until he is consistently not taking one
  • Turned on Noggin and now have two very calm children… ahhhh!!! What is it about Yo Gabba Gabba? I feel brain cells fleeing when I watch the show, but my kids LOVE it.

That’s it, really not a very exciting day. Tuesdays usually aren’t.


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