Weekend Recap

It’s easy to say it was a nice weekend. Sure the kids had colds and were cranky because of that. But the weather was nice so it’s so easy to say we had a good weekend. The windows were open and they let in all that fresh air (filled with all those nice allergens that detest me).

Friday we did a little shopping and dinner out. Nothing big.

Saturday we had a birthday party for JT’s cousin’s daughter. We went to Monkey Joes and jumped to our hearts content, well the kids did anyway. JT’s cousin’s wife and I had our kids all around the same time. C (their oldest ) is 5 tomorrow (birthday we were celebrating), L (my oldest) who will be 5 next month, J (my second) will be 4 in August, La (their second) will be 4 in October and finally little Miss R (she will be 2 in July). They were on their own with the last one, we didn’t follow suit. So that’s a lot of little girls all the same age with a little boy thrown in the middle. Luckily JT’s other cousin had a little boy, Ca he will be 3 in October (plus she just had another little boy a week ago). We were actually talking about how my son and my brother-in-law’s son are the only ones in the next generation to pass on the name. We are definitely a girl filled family. I know very few of you kept up with all of that. It would be a lot easier if I would just use their names but I’m just not comfortable with that yet. Here are a couple of pictures from the party:


The Birthday Girl - C

Little sisters can be such a big help

Little sisters can be such a big help


Miss R eating a cupcake

Cousins all in a row

Cousins all in a row

Such a sweetheart

Such a sweetheart

What are these 3 up to?

What are these 3 up to?

We had a ton of fun. Monkey Joes of course is always a guaranteed good time. My kids were so tired when they got home. Sunday we played outside before all the storms hit and the winds came and the weather went from warm and pleasant to sunny and a tad chilly. L ran around wither her Tinker Bell wings on. I might do a seperate post on my favorite pictures from Sunday because I have a lot of them 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend.

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