Seriously… it is 78 degrees today!!!

Could life be any better?!?!?! Well of course but it’s simply delightful outside today. Short sleeves (check), shorts (um no, not yet), summery shoes (check) and sunglasses (check). We took the kids outside to play this afternoon while JT did some turd herding 🙂 and I had to clean up my double stroller because I am selling it. I let the kids paint with water and they drew with some sidewalk chalk . Poor L, all she did was complain about being hot. Our backyard is pretty hot, there aren’t any trees or shade in the back so it does get hot on sunny days but still it was 20 degrees last week. I think it’s a nice change. I was able to get a new photo for my blog header and some other great pictures of J playing.

This picture was taken this morning while we were waiting to leave to pick up L from school. I think there was a fingerprint on my the lense of my camera phone. I think that’s why my pictures were turning out so blurry… it’s still cute.






J is the only one that really likes Roscoe. They are buddies as much as Roscoe will allow.


I hope you are outside enjoying the weather today.


One thought on “Seriously… it is 78 degrees today!!!

  1. Oh how fun! Seriously was 64 here yesterday and then today the high was 36. BG was so confused on why we couldn’t go back to the park today.
    Very cute pics!

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