Works For Me Wednesday – Don’t Lose Your Camera


This is probably something no one ever thinks of and since I am starting a new carnival on Monday’s that deals with pictures I figured I would tie the two together. When I go on vacation or anywhere for that matter I always have my camera, I take on average 5 photos a day. Average!!! I am always concerned about where my camera is and I am paranoid about leaving it behind somewhere. To solve my paranoia. I have written down on a piece of paper my name, address and phone number. I never delete this picture from my camera, that way if I ever lose my camera (god forbid) they will turn it on and be able to scroll through and see my info. Next you just hope someone honest picks it up :).

There is also a website out there that I found out about through Nicole’s blog called I Found Your Camera. Also really cool.

This is what works for me. Check out other tips at We Are That Family. Oh and one more shameless plug, come back on Monday and leave a picture.

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One thought on “Works For Me Wednesday – Don’t Lose Your Camera

  1. Kristin says:

    I put my address label that has my name, email address and phone number on the camera. (I had those made up special) But I like the idea of the photo – because you know they are going to look through the pictures! It’s too tempting. LOL

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