Bella Sara Treasures and Miniatures Review


L's miniature horses

Do you remember when I did a post last year on Bella Sara trading cards? Bella Sara is the most successful trading card product ever created for girls, they feature horse themed fantasy cards and now miniatures that offer positive and inspirational messages. L loves her cards she takes them out often and looks through them and every once in a while we will get on the website and play with the digital versions of her horses. When we received 2 more packs of their newest line of Bella Sara cards called Treasures, L was beside herself excited. But I saved the best for last… Team Mom also sent us 2 Bella Sara Miniatures. The horses are soft and velvety and they have their own stands. In the pack (which values for $1.99) you will get a miniature horse, a random bonus code that’s redeemable on-line and a full color checklist. She loves these horses and plays with them non-stop, in fact she begs us everyday to go and purchase more. There are 20 velvety horses in all that you can collect from the land of North of North (I think L is going to collect them, I can’t see her giving them away or trading them).


L's favorite card Ondine

The eighth series of the popular Bella Sara line is called Treasures, which I briefly mentioned above. The Treasure line brings a new element to with more printable activities including bonus codes, coloring pages, wallpapers, a poster and jigsaw puzzles. This series also features rare jewels, amazing natural wonders, historical artifcats and fantastic magical items to explore. Each of the card packs have 5 collectible cards (there are 27 new horses in this line), a card checklist, a mini-game and Bella Sara tattoos and stickers. They retail for $2.99 and were available as of yesterday, March 3rd.

I really do encourage parents (especically those of horse lovers) to check out the Bella Sara cards and now miniatures. They are good wholesome on-line fun. Something you can do together. If you visit between now and April 30th you can also enter for a chance to win an exciting Treasure Hunt Party of your own. So check it out. It’s an affordable, fun time.

If you are looking for retailers in your area you can find Bella Sara at the following stores: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kmart, Borders, Target, Toys “R” Us and Walmart.

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