My head is swirling

Just random stuff today because since it’s Tuesday I am declaring today our day of rest but unfortunately it doesn’t mean my head takes a break. I am going to play some games with the kids. Get the play dough out (yeah I am that desperate) and set up L with some art supplies. It’s only 9:30 am and we’ve already had some blood this morning J hit L in the mouth with a batman figure. Maybe it will get warm enough to go outside for a little while. Who know at this point what our day is going to bring.

I was looking at our upcoming calendar for the next two months and HOLY COW. March is kind of busy but our April is so busy. We have something every weekend and at least two events every week. Then it’s May. School will be over and the summer will be starting. Is anyone else freaking out because of the year disappearing?

Then I was thinking about the fact that I will have a 5 year old in a month and a half and that makes me so sad. She isn’t a baby anymore. I watched her walk out to the car yesterday with JT to go to school (one of the perks of him working from home) and she looked huge. She starts kindergarten soon. Okay I will breathe now. That was a whole lot of anxiety for only having a half cup of coffee.

I am very excited. Pretty soon I will have my own domain and then I will be official and be able to start my new carnival (which I don’t have a good name for yet) The Photo Scavenger Hunt one. My friend is as excited about it as I am. Hopefully I can convince some of you to play along. You have all week to post your picture this week until we get into the swing of things. Just leave a comment saying your post is up and I will go over and grab your link and place it on the post. I don’t mind. I just love photography and can’t wait to see eveyone’s pictures.

With April approaching not only is it L’s birthday but it will be my birthday too. JT asked me what I would like for my birthday and I really want my own domain so we’ll see how that goes. My own domain and a pretty design would be nice. I have also added a D-SLR (yeah I am dreaming) and a Flip Video. It would be nice to take some video and just slide it into my pc, place it on a DVD and voila instant home movies. We’ll see. Due to the job hunt of 2009 I will be happy if he gets a job for my birthday.

I forgot to add that we rented the Wii Game Family Game Night from Blockbuster (we rent almost all of the games we play) and I am completely addicted. I love Yahtzee and they have a game on there called Sliders. I had never heard of it before but I am completely addicted. So much so that I have been hunting on-line in order to buy the game because I don’t think I have ever seen it at Target. We also tried to play Sorry last night (JT and I) and I cannot figure out that game. I have never played the game Sorry and it’s confusing as hell. So I am sure if you can’t get a hold of me today just look in front of the TV, I’ll be the one with the Wii remote in my hand.


One thought on “My head is swirling

  1. heather says:

    Hey, I don’t know much about all the perks with owning your own domain… I just wanted to suggest maybe trying out blogger??
    You’re still “hosted” but you can have as much control as you want. My blog is on blogger, but I have created my own templates with multiple pages, I learned out to size and post photos the way I want to, storage space is essentially unlimited, and I have found no frustration or confines using Blogger since I learned some of the html stuff myself. I can honestly do whatever I want and make my page completely my own. Heck, you can even have your own address without the “blogspot” in it now. All that, and it’s free!
    And yes, you can do Mr. Linky’s and host carnivals.

    Just a suggestion, if you haven’t checked it out. I know we all like FREE!

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