Photo Scavenger Hunt

I have started my own Photo Scavenger Hunt (check the tabs at the top of my blog). Here I have listed 50 things that I want to find a picture to represent in no particular order. Every Monday I am going to post a picture because usually Monday’s are the hardest day for me to blog and I really enjoy taking pictures. I really hope some of you will play along it could be fun. Maybe I should add some incentive like a free prize to someone who will take all 50 along with me… (hmmm) I’ll have to work on that one. Anyway I would make it a carnival but it’s pretty difficult to do that with WordPress so until I own my own domain I’ll just do it in this relaxed way. Check the tab at the top of my blog for rules and please ask any questions. Here’s my first one:



While in the car one day L asked my mom if she would hold her hand, so she did. Of course then J wanted her to hold his hand too.


Where Life Becomes Art

Next Monday: #42 I can’t live without…


5 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. […] to revisit our moments, to share our favorites, and celebrate life as we see it.  Come on!  Click here to join […]

  2. wherelifebecomesart says:

    LOL…I’m glad you picked up the ball for me! I swear, yesterday was just a weird day for me. i couldn’t think, I could barely type, and I was obviously dropping the ball right and left. Um, I think leaving a comment here was part of the whole thing, yet I forgot. Thanks for taking care of it for me.

  3. Mark Kolb says:

    Try a mobile scavenger hunt where it’s all about tracking visual clues in your neighborhood.

  4. […] on the post with a link to your picture and I will add it to the list. Check out all the info here. Please feel free to join in…. Published […]

  5. […] is probably something no one ever thinks of and since I am starting a new carnival on Monday’s that deals with pictures I figured I would tie the two together. When I go on vacation or anywhere […]

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