Works For Me Wednesday – School Paper Storage

works-for-me-wednesday3The school papers are were totally overrunning my house. We have a small house/apartment and we are currently at max capacity in this space. There isn’t room for a second filing cabinet or a bunch of binders… I was telling my mom this exact same thing the other day and she came up with a great solution. See she can sew and she made these for me before Christmas.

They are fabric pouches. A purple for L and a red/yellow for J (they match their room colors). We placed velcro on the back of their doors and have velcro on the back of the pouch. The sides velcro all the way up so if your project is large you can remove it and lay it on the ground before placing it in there. They are washable which can be a godsend when you are talking about glitter and paint. When they bring home any papers that I am considering keeping they go in the pouch – I can revisit the papers and projects later and decide what I really want to keep at the end of the school year. Perfect for us and our small space. If you want directions on how to make them just leave me a comment and I will get directions from her.

Here are some pictures:

dscn0054  dscn0058

dscn0056  dscn0057

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