Birthday Party Dilemmas

Today I called to schedule L’s birthday party (not until beginning of April) but I wanted to get it on the books. I was on their website and was filling out the “form” when it came to picking the date and time the website told me that there weren’t any times available. After calling customer service they have placed their store into hibernation. Meaning they are decreasing their stock and won’t be able to host parties anymore. She is extremely disappointed and now I have to come up with a whole new idea.

I love to plan parties that’s not the problem. The big problem I don’t have any room for a party here in my house and I don’t like having it in other people’s homes, it hasn’t really worked very well in the past. So I am always looking for places to have a party. I thought I had it taken care of for L’s birthday but apparently not. Back to the drawing table.

I did find a local company on-line that will do a Fancy Nancy party for a little more money so we will probably do that, (besides she is in love with everything Fancy Nancy and she can invite more friends) so she’ll have a bigger party and like two presents. Which I think is fine. The experience is more fun and memorable sometimes than the actual presents they open. I really don’t know what I am talking about anymore, I feel as though I am rambling.

What do you do if your child wants to invite friends from class but you can’t afford for all of the little girls to come just a few? Do you privately contact the families? Then there’s an age limit so all of the siblings of the girls her age won’t be able to come, this includes cousins. How do I handle that one? What are your thoughts? Please share I could use some tips.


9 thoughts on “Birthday Party Dilemmas

  1. Deanna says:

    The best birthday guideline is one child per year your child is turning. If L is turning 5 she should invite 5 friends. I would mail the invitations and remind her that not all of her classmates are invited, so it might hurt feelings if she talks about it at school. A small number makes the party manageable for you and another adult or two and makes parents more comfortable with dropping and leaving.

    If there’s an age restriction for guests, you have the problem with siblings and younger cousins solved–and a scapegoat to take the heat (“sorry, that’s the rules…”)

    This is supposed to be fun for you! Don’t get bogged down in the details that won’t matter in the end.

  2. hotomom says:

    Deanna those are excellent guidelines – thanks for the tips and I know we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. I would have the parties here in my home if I had the room, I think that is whats really bothering me.

  3. heather says:

    I second what Deanna said… we do the ‘invite one child per year” thing too. It’s always worked well for us. We’ve usually been able to do it at home that way too; it stays nice and manageable!

    If the place you’re looking at has bigger parties and you want to do that, maybe you could use the number invited rule twice or something… L could invite 5 of her friends from her class and then 5 more from outside of class… or something like that.

    I think it’s handy the place has age restrictions… seems like that makes things a whole lot easier!!

  4. wherelifebecomesart says:

    At EM’s school the parents slip the invites into the bookbags of the kids the Birthday child is inviting. Or if you have a buzz book, mailing them might be better. Now the sibling thing could be a problem, because now you have to word the invitations to reflect so. Perhaps the place you use will have some suggestions. Deanna is right though…don’t sweat the things that just won’t matter in the end. I’m here for you if you need help.

  5. Deanna says:

    I don’t know how small your house is, but it has to be big enough for 6 little girls to play some games, play in L’s room, and eat some cake and ice cream. Shove furniture against the walls and don’t worry about the way the house looks–the kids don’t care! When parents RSVP, make it clear to them that you will have plenty of adult supervision (which I’ve discovered is code for drop your kid and get the heck out), and you won’t have to worry about extra bodies–or siblings.

    You’re a clever girl, I bet you could plan your very own Fancy Nancy party and save a bunch of dinero too. Doesn’t she just love to dress up and use big words? I bet you could find 10 bridesmaid dresses from blog readers alone for them to dress up in. This could be really fun!

  6. Mom says:

    I normally don’t give you my ideas via blog, but since we’re both so busy lately here goes. The cost difference of having the party “away” as opposed to having it “inhouse” would probably allow you to invite all the little girls in her class. You have plenty of room and you could make it a fancy Nancy dress up party. Hats, gloves, beads, required. Their little favors would be an easy theme to follow also. How many girls are in her class? I will make myself available to help. We can do it. The game is on. How much fun can we make it with how little expenditure? I love a challenge.

  7. Deanna says:

    Did you see the Fancy Nancy party favor gift boxes on The Crafty Crow?

  8. hotomom says:

    No I can’t find it (whining) 🙂 Can you link it comments – pretty please!!!

  9. Deanna says:

    I hope this doesn’t violate some laws of blogness. It linked from Huber Hof Academy to The Crafty Crow.

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