Valentines Day Recap

We had such a great Valentines Day. We had a small party at my mom’s house and we had a ton of fun just laughing and drinking with our family.

L helping with the veggie plate. She would try one and put some on the plate, then try one and on and on and on.


The kids table


The adult table – I love this picture even though it’s crooked. I set the timer on the couch and I think it’s pretty good.


My Aunt P and Uncle D


My grandma, Cousin E and Cousin K


Cousin O and Ricardo


My mom and I


The yummy cake that Cousin E made


My lovely husband with our wedding albums (coming through the doorway you’ll notice Cousin O with a bottle of champagne – yum)


and finally Cousin E and L (new best friends)


What a fantastic Valentines Day. I love being with my family. They truly are tons of fun.

7 thoughts on “Valentines Day Recap

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Happy (late) Valentine’s Day! :0)

  2. BlapherMJ says:

    What wonderful pictures! Time with family is great isn’t it?!

  3. Kim says:

    Is that a huge pot of mashed potatoes next to a huge pan of fried chicken? Yum-mee!

  4. hotomom says:

    Yep!!! Yummy is right. Kentucky Fried Chicken with homemade garlic mashed potatoes. YUM!!!

  5. Becca says:

    Your Mom’s house looks so cute! Is that a mural painted on the wall?

  6. hotomom says:

    She sure does. It’s a mural of the Mississippi River.

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