10 Years and Counting…

I think this was the best anniversary we have had in a long time. My mom was instrumental in making it happen. We started out the morning by going to Krispy Kreme’s and enjoyed some donuts. I had in fact asked for Krispy Kreme’s instead of flowers.



We ran some errands because life doesn’t stop for anniversaries plus Hobby Lobby had a sale 🙂

After errands we went to Chuck E. Cheese with my brother and his girlfriend. We had a ton of fun and between the 6 of us we earned 1,640 tickets. Crazy!! We have never won that many tickets.




This is what 1,640 tickets will get you… you definitely don’t get your money back.



We were able to drop the kids off at my mom’s after she got off of work and we headed to a movie. My darling hubby took me to see a chick flick. He took me to see Confessions of a Shopoholic. It was wonderful but I’ve read all the books. If you’ve read the booksm and love them then you will like the movie. It’s a good representation. The worst part is we went on opening night and it was swarming with teenagers and women that were cheering and clapping and gasping and aaaahhing. It was starting to really annoy me and almost put JT over the edge. Poor guy.

After the movie we went to Llwelyn’s because my brother’s girlfriend was working. They had a live band called Willis playing. We went and enjoyed some music, conversation and music. It was nice. They both told the band that we were celebrating our anniversary so they gave us a shout out and sang a rendition of Happy Anniversary to us. That was pretty cool. Then there was a photographer there from www.insidestl.com and she took our picture and said it would be on their website in a couple days. That will be fun. Especially since I haven’t been to a bar since BTK (before the kids).



JT being JT!!! Check out my Mardi Gras beads. I’m getting ready.


Here’s C working really hard (it was fun to watch) but man respect your bartenders people. She really has to deal with ignorant people.


Here’s a face only a family could love… maybe C too.


Thank you to my family and friends and especially my husband for a wonderful anniversary.


One thought on “10 Years and Counting…

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