So funny…

Kelli at Kellogues just blogged about things she doesn’t understand and I have been working on a blog similar to hers in my drafts so it’s time to bring it out and play along. Since I have nothing better to do and since I am in one of those moods where everything out of my mouth is a bitch or rant this seems easier.

Things I don’t understand

  • We sleep, breathe and eat Scooby Doo around here night and day and what I don’t understand is why Velma has to loose her glasses in every stinkin episode. What the hell??? God that show can drive you crazy.
  • No matter how often I smile at this one mom or try to be nice she just insists on being rude and never smiles.
  • Why L insists on wearing her swimsuit all the time even when it’s 20 below outside.
  • Why some people just don’t get the clue – why does my ex insist on contacting me. I am happily married, I don’t want to reminisce about the old days there is a reason we broke up.
  • Why I eat more candy than my kids? My sweet tooth has always been and still is out of control
  • Why I spend so much money at the grocery store and we still eat out
  • Why I created a group for my book club and cannot remember the login name… someone help me, please!!!

Okay that was still just me bitching and moaning. Oh well at least I feel a little better


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