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We had L’s parent teacher conference last week and the only thing she said that she needs to work on is her ABCs and her letters. All this child does is sit and pretend to write or write her name over and over or color. She is a happy girl if she has paper and some sort of writing instrument, but she struggles with knowing her ABCs. I think it’s because I don’t sit and work with her on it, so that’s what we are going to do now. With a little help from my parent educator I came up with some ideas to help.

  • Work on her name and the letters in her name first. She can write her name and she knows the letters names but there are only 3 in her name so it’s not too difficult so we are going to work on labeling other things with the same letter and then move onto other family members names.
  • I am going to start pointing at words as I read them in a book and ask her what that letter is… pretty basic.
  • Work on puzzles that are primarily ABC puzzles.
  • Use the Leap Frog Magnetic ABC set for your refrigerator
  • Work on letter sounds
  • Have a letter of the day… work on themes, like that letter for lunch and activities for that day that start with the letter. That’s a big undertaking but if she is struggling that badly it will come to that.
  • Get a tray full of wheat germ or rice and ask her to draw a letter, have her use her finger to draw the letter.
  • Use play dough and create snakes then you create a letter with your snake and have her copy
  • Make an alphabet book and have her help you find the items for pictures of stickers
  • Make a family picture book with their pictures and the first letter of their name
  • Bury magnetic letters in sand or rice, etc and have her find them and tell you what letter it is
  • Use bathtub letters that stick to the wall and make bath time educational

So there you go SEVERAL ideas on how to help your child learn the alphabet, especially if the song isn’t helping (like in our case).

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2 thoughts on “WFMW – Learning Letters

  1. I saw your post and I just have to tell you about Leap Frog’s “Letter Factory! It’s a DVD that you can pick up at Wal-mart of Target for about $10-14. It is AMAZING and I’m not sure exactly why. All 4 of my kids have used it!! It wasn’t around with the oldest. It helps the kids to learn the letter sounds. Everyone I have recommended this to swears by it.

    I’m not one to sit my kids in front of the t.v. for hours on end, but 30 minutes a day of this, every other day, will really help.

    Of course I’m not suggesting this be the only thing you do, but it sure is easy to do other things when they have a good foundation. 🙂

  2. Nancy says:

    Awesome ideas!!! Thanks I will be using this for future learning.

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