Hobby Hump Day – Homemade Book

I am totally stealing this idea from my parent educator. She came for visit on Tuesday and as always the kids were way excited and the craft she brought was awesome. I have to steal it so I can tell all of you about it. It’s so simple and perfect for a day like today (all gloomy and rainy), most of the items required I have laying around so there are no special trips to the store.

It’s a play on our favorite book Brown Bear, Brown Bear (we love the game and the books).

First she brought 4 pieces of cardboard (cut from a cereal box) – 2 for each kid. This will be the front and back of the book. Hers were size 7 1/2 x 5 1/2. Then she brought 10 pieces of plain white paper for the pages inside the book (5 for each) sized slightly smaller than the cardboard. Obviously they can be sized whatever size you want.

Then we punch two holes on one end and tied yarn in the holes to hold it together. We also punched a hole in the bottom right corner and attached a small square with yarn to that corner.

On the small square we placed an animal sticker that the story would be about and the words, “Dog Dog What do you see?”. The reason it’s on the string so it can move from page to page for the story. We also wrote this on the front of the book and had them write their names, L can do this but she helped J.


Inside each page is the same just with a different animal sticker. (I’ll show pictures) On L’s since she is learning to write I left room for her to copy what I had written. She cannot wait to make more of these.

img_0190  img_0191  img_0192

img_0193  img_0194  img_0195

This is also a great way to make an ABC book. Which she said we might do next time. Love love love love my Parent Educator, it’s also nice that she’s my friend and scrapbooking buddy. 😉

For more Hobby Hump Day or to join in visit 3inunder3.


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