Electrolux Virtual Cupcakes Review

You say the word cupcake and my mouth waters. Cupcakes are awesome, I make fun ones all the time and enjoy the creativity behind them, just not the mess. So when I can play with a virtual cupcake and send them to friends (without the mess) I’ll give it a try.

Today Electrolux just launched a new Virtual Cupcake website at Kelly Confidential. When you visit the website you will need to register, they will send you an e-mail within seconds (make sure you check your spam, that’s where mine was) and activate the account. Easy. Now for the fun. Every time you send a friend a cupcake, that you create from scratch (cake, wrapper, frosting and topping), two things will happen. First, they will donate $1 to help fight ovarian cancer (that’s awesome). Second, YOU WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN A FRONT LOADING WASHER AND DRYER – What???? A FRONT LOADING WASHER AND DRYER in their new color “Red Hot Red”. Oh yeah!!!! Who knew I would ever be so excited about a washer and dryer but that baby would be sweet here in my home. So simple.

Here’s a picture of what you could win:


So you get the idea. The washer and dryer are awesome but the real message here is every time you send one of these cupcakes to your friends you are donating money to an important cause to, The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Electrolux and Kelly Ripa have teamed up to raise more than $500,000 to support the cause. You can also purchase a t-shirt and those proceeds will also benefit the OCRF.

Thanks to Mom Central for the review opportunity. Get out there and start sending every friend you know a cupcake and don’t forget to visit everyday, the more you send the better chance of winning and the more they donate.


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