Lots of stuff going on

Another busy week ahead of us (sigh) oh who am I kidding… I love busy weeks. This week I have to clean up my house, finish the kids valentines, get J something for Valentines Day (L’s is purchased), our Parent Educator is coming (yeah), finish JT’s present for our anniversary, celebrate our anniversary, help JT find a job (we’re working on this Tuesday), meet a new friend for coffee and the list goes on and on.

I thrive on busy weeks. Sitting around is not my thing. This coming weekend is already on my mind. On Friday we will be married 10 years, I am very excited so I might mention it a couple more times. JT has taken the day off and L doesn’t have school so we are going to take the kids to lunch with us and then after my mom gets off of work she is taking them for the night. Not sure what we will do then but the possibilities are endless. Saturday is Valentines Day and my mom is keeping the kids all day (again not sure what we will do), Saturday night we are having a party at my mom’s to celebrate Valentines Day, my grandmother’s birthday and our anniversary. Everyone will be there… my cousin and her family, my mom’s sister and her family and of course my mom, us and my grandmother.

What a great week ahead full of love and fun. Oh and tomorrow I will tell you all about Virtual Cupcakes. Stay tuned.

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