Roscoe vs. Marley

Did you know I have a dog? Two of them in fact but this is just about the one… A few nights ago we went and saw the movie Marley and Me (I also have read the book) and all of this Marley business has me thinking about our own 80 pound yellow lab named Roscoe. If you’ve read the book or seen the movie you will know what I am talking about. I don’t believe that Marley is the world’s worst dog. At least Marley was kind to others, stood his ground to protect his owner and he was good with kids. Our Roscoe… not so much, he is definitely the world’s worst dog.

Roscoe has eaten a coach, shoes, a whole bunch of bananas (peels and all), dirty diapers, a loaf of bread, an entire bag of chocolate, toys, feminine products, hairballs, birds (he tries to bring them inside), a baby possum (he tried to bring inside), a couple leashes, cardboard, wood/sticks, okay that’s all I can think of for now.

When Roscoe was a puppy we used to have to put him on his leash and tie it around our waists, because if we didn’t he would have chewed his way through our house.

All our dog thinks about is food, can you tell?!

Roscoe is not good with our kids. He will knock them over, push them out of the way and deliberately avoid them.

He is the alpha dog, he pushes our other dog around and can’t stand other dogs.

Roscoe barks like crazy when JT comes home and when anyone comes in the door for that matter.

He likes to jump on people, or at least he used to before his hips started getting bad.

He hates water. He hates to be outside.

He could jump in the air and catch a bird flying through our yard, now that’s skill. I don’t think he could anymore though.

We chose him out of his litter because he has a black spot on his butt.

He’s not 100% lab, he is 1/2 lab and 1/2 Brittany spaniel. His dad was a 100 lb lab and his mom was the Brittany spaniel. One night the dad ate a hole in the fence to get to the mom. Nice!!! That makes him a mix of two of the most hyper breeds out there.

He sheds like crazy, gets ear infections all the time, stinks, all that gross dog stuff.

We’ve tried to give him away a couple of times but no takers, his reputation precedes him.

I would never ever take him to a pound. We took on the responsibility of Roscoe when we adopted him, no matter if the bad outweighs the good.

I feel sorry for him sometimes because he doesn’t get a whole lot of attention like he deserves. You know walks and long periods of sitting and petting or playing Frisbee all those things that a dog should be doing instead of laying around.

He’s a part of this family and he is treated very well but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish we hadn’t gotten him, he probably would have been chosen by a better family that lived on a farm where he could chase chickens to his hearts content.

How about some pictures… don’t let them fool you. He’s the devil in disguise!!!

Puppy Days… to cute he’s as big as the Mountain Dew box.

top-43 top-461

Then the problems started… for instance, the eaten couch








The proof is definitely not in the pictures!!!

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