Funny Things They Say 5

Last night JT was making a salad for dinner while L sat nearby and tried to help (her new favorite thing).

JT was cutting up carrots and L said “Remember when we saw Nana and Papa and we went to see their horse?”

I said, “yeah baby, why”.

L: “Well I just remember that I had a carrot for Shine that had some lawn attached to it.”

Me: “Some lawn on it?”

L: “Yeah that green stuff on the end”

It basically was a carrot with the greens still attached to the end, which we rarely see around here. If it isn’t canned, frozen or already pint sized we don’t typically bring it home. But recently I have been buying heads of lettuce and a bag of carrots for salads (it’s cheaper).


One thought on “Funny Things They Say 5

  1. bigbinder says:

    That’s funny! When we first started eating ‘big’ carrots my kids got so excited, they thought it was hillarious that they were huge. A.P. embarassed me at the farmer’s market though, because of course there they still have the ‘lawn’ on it and he told the farmer how gross his carrots looked. Freakin’ city kids.

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