More people than I knew

There are more people out there that I run across that watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 than I thought. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. I’ve talked about it several times on here but lately I’ve been thinking about them more, with them moving into their new house and my friend and I talking about them the other night. In fact she just sent me this link It basically breaks down how much they probably make in one year. YIKES!!! My friend also reminded me that in this last episode (did you see it) where they moved into their house… she read him the riot act for not using a coupon on some item. Poor Jon. I can be tough on my husband but he has assured me I have never been that tough on him. 

Now with all that said what about the single mom that recently had 8 babies but already had 6 at home including twins. That’s a lot of kids… 14 to be exact. They say that she wasn’t after money but instead “one more girl”?????? The mother says that “her daughter isn’t evil, she’s just obsessed with kids.” I really don’t even know where to go with this… really obsessed with kids?! Is that for real? Some days I can barely take my two let alone 12 more. I’ll leave it at that. It’s a touchy subject but if you want to leave a comment with your opinion please feel free.

Thanks for all the well wishes from all of our family and friends. We will keep you updated…


3 thoughts on “More people than I knew

  1. Becca says:

    That is a crazy amount of money! I’m not going to lie, if I were in Jon and Kate’s situation and had the opportunity to do what they are doing I would do it in a heart beat. Both parents could spend time with the kids, you could travel, and you would have all of your kids “firsts” on film. I also like that they never set out to live this way, it just happened.

    That other story though, she is crazy! I just read that article and whole thing is nuts. The fact that she already has all those kids at home, she’s declared bankruptcy and she is unemployed and now wants $2 million for appearances!?! Crazy I tell you. How did she even afford the fertility treatments? And why did they implant so many embryos?

  2. Mary Jo says:

    Hmmm…I know what you mean about not being able to even handle two somedays ;0)
    But seriously my sister-in-law was kind of the same way. Just really wanted a large family but didn’t quite get it due to secondary infertility issues.
    They do have four though and I worry about them all the time.

  3. ofebers says:

    she could have adopted.

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