Hobby Hump Day – Valentine Decorations

I cannot take the credit on this one. I got the idea from Jodie at A Mom and her Camera. I don’t think mine turned out as well as hers did but I think I might do more tonight with J and L together and will add more to the windows. It’s so adorable and L and I had a ton of fun. Thanks Jodie.

Here are some pictures of L’s and my process…

Shaving/grating the crayons, we did pink and red but red only came out so next time we will use just pink.


Shavings Before                    Shavings After melted        Cute cut-out hearts

dscn97761       dscn9778       dscn9780

Finally L will her hearts hung in our window, I love it. I can’t wait to add more.


Check out more Hobby Hump Day at 3inunder3

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2 thoughts on “Hobby Hump Day – Valentine Decorations

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  2. ofebers says:

    So Cute!

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