Would you???

If you were given the opportunity would you become a pageant mom? Have your child compete in pageants? I’m not in the mood to do much today so I am camped out on the couch watching TV. I ran across two shows. The first one is called Toddlers and Tiaras, I have to admit I DVR’d this one. I was compelled to see what it was really like, the pageant life especially from the eyes of a toddler. My daughter being super girly was told to play in her room. I really did not want her to watch the show. What if she became interested and wanted to wear the fancy dresses and have bouffant hair and caked on makeup, spray on tans… etc. What I got from the show, nothing. I understood that it’s probably expensive and they can win money for coming in “first” but the moms were a little more pushy than I would like to be with my own daughter. L did appear about halfway through the show and she didn’t really take an interest (whew). The older girls were pretty, the toddlers looked like dolls and the moms, yes the moms looked very nice. There you go, not so bad and truth be told I will probably catch it again.

The second show is Little Miss Perfect. I haven’t seen this show yet but I will watch possibly one episode to see what it’s all about. Here’s a clip from YouTube.

I would love to hear what you think. I don’t think badly of these parents, they are just doing what they know and what they want for their own kids and trust me I’ve thought about it a couple of times, I just don’t have the money or energy. Plus, I just don’t want to.

Oh and for you Jon & Kate Plus 8 fans… they move into their new, big, beautiful house tonight.

One thought on “Would you???

  1. Becca says:

    When I just watched that clip, the first thing that came to my mind is “My little girl is learning to be a hooker” – Ha! In all seriousness, I would probably watch the shows once you mentioned, but the whole thing just creeps me out. Why do they have to put make-up on the kids? And the Mom’s? They just seem to be doing it for themselves, especially when the kids are really little. If a girl around say “Little Miss Sunshine’s” age wanted to do it, well that is different. Just don’t let a Grandpa teach them any dance routines 🙂

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