Since I promised an update

att-workers-picket   Well he received his surplus letter today which means he has 60 days in the company and then he will receive his severance. SO yes he was laid off. Fortunately it doesn’t mean the same for us as it does for some others in this country. He will receive a paycheck until the 60 days are up then we are on our own.

A couple things just because I have been fuming for a while and there is no where else to vent… my mom has heard it all so there’s no one else to bitch too. #1 His director was supposed to place his name into a reassignable pool back in December but he never did that (this happened to the whole group) #2 He rescheduled the conference call for today twice. The whole company is going to crap. There are several things that were supposed to happen to help JT but not a single one happened. Just ridiculous but there isn’t anything we can do. Now we just look forward in the next 60 days and hopefully he will find something.

Thanks to everyone for keeping in touch and wondering how we are doing. We’re tired. We’re worn out. The inevitable has happened and I thought I would feel different but I don’t. I’m not sure what else to say… thanks again everyone. Oh if you want to read his own words on the situation you can check him out here.


6 thoughts on “Since I promised an update

  1. Stacey says:

    Hey girl, my main email is down, but I just wanted to chime in and say I’m sorry, I’m thinking about you, and our offer still stands.

  2. hotomom says:

    Thanks sweetie. We have really talked about it and are interested I just am not sure when yet.

  3. Erika says:

    I’ve been knee deep in my own shit these days, but we’ve (T and I both) been keeping up, and you guys are in our thoughts. Damn the man, anyway.

  4. Di says:

    I’ll start by saying I’m thinkin of ya 🙂 And move on to say….thank goodness it’s just a job, right?! Silly, I know, but these past couple days I’ve been trying to see the cup ‘half full’…so I’m thankful you have beautiful healthy babies, a strong family&friend support group,a kick ass hubby & your blog to keep you sane! LOL. he will find something, cause you’re meant to get by…by the skin of your teeth sometimes! You’re gonna be ok, I have a gut feelin, cause I know the gal who runs your house (aka YOU) and she wouldn’t let her ship go down that easy, you always loved a challenge so this is what has made you the awesome mom-wife-friend-daughter-matriarch you are now & the ‘rock’ your set to be. Faith & Cuss words, helps get you thru the days 🙂

  5. bigbinder says:

    A lot can happen in 60 days. Keep the faith.

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