I love that little girl

L is so imaginiative it blows my mind sometimes. The other night we had put the kids to bed and up until then I had been busy doing stuff around the house. So the kids are in bed and I start to pick up after them a little. I start to notice there are pieces of paper taped all over my house.

dscn9689  dscn9692  dscn9699  dscn9701

This is just a sampling of the places I found these pieces of paper, on every door in the house, the bathtub, the walls, the mantel, my furniture, glass/mirrors etc. There were 9 more all over the house. When I asked her what they were for or what they said she told me they were the instructions for the students in her class. Okay!!! I have yet to take them down because I forget about them until I come face to face with them. It actually cracks me up. She is full of imagination and I would never want it any other way.


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