Things I Love Thursday – American Girl

things-i-love-thursday1   When I was a little girl I was given Samantha as a gift. I really treasured her and didn’t play with her the way that you do with some other dolls. I was quite a bit older than my daughter when I received her but since showing my daughter Samantha she has become enamored, to say the least. We have two dresses, a purse, her locket and a picnic lunch that we she can play with. She loves receiving the catalogs and I admit so do I. I dream of the day we’ll go to American Girl in Chicago together and let her pick out her doll but I am just waiting for her to have a little more responsibility for her things. She already knows which ones she wants: Molly and Kitt and she owns a bitty baby and the twins (that look like her and J).

This Christmas the Hallmark channel had on a few of the American Girl movies. The ones featuring Samantha and Felicity were the ones we taped and then my grandma gave her Kitt’s movie for Christmas (there’s also a Molly one). We really enjoy watching them together and anything that she and I can do together if worth a million dollars in my mind. The movies are good natured  and I love that the little girls in the movie possess manners.

Have you ever sat down and watched The Suite Life or Hannah Montana?! Each show if funny to some extent but each one teaches L how to talk back, dirty looks, etc. Not the behavior I am instilling in my little girl. The worst is Miley Cyrus at the Golden Globes… did anyone see it? She stuck her tongue out at the camera, jokingly, but still. This is a rule I have been working on with L and then she sees Hannah Montana doing it, she thinks well she does it and it must be cool, it sets us back. I have cut back her time watching these shows to practically nothing because she is a totally different little girl when she doesn’t watch them. It’s too bad they don’t have a series for the American Girl dolls, that I would let her watch.

So that’s what I love this week. Check out Diaper Diaries for more.

3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday – American Girl

  1. I know it instills all sort of good stuff, but I fear my daughter discovers them and they are soo expensive. But I think I am going to get her into the books. I like that they are historical.

  2. Denise says:

    I had to stop letting my 8 yr old daughter watch any of the “tween” crap on Disney Channel….I’m amazed how much attitude she was picking up from those shows. We now have a rule that she doesn’t watch any shows or read any books that are about older kids.

    I love the American Girl dolls, but they are sooo expensive I just can’t justify spending the money.

  3. wherelifebecomesart says:

    I need to look into these American Girls.
    Remind me sometime when we are together to tell you about EM and Sponge Bob. We have a 100% no watch rule.

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