The long road of denial

So apparently I have been on this long road of denial, the road to unemployment that is. I didn’t want to think that this was going to happen to our family. It still may not, the company just isn’t communicating with it’s employees but I think it’s about time I came to grips with it. February 2nd is upon us. Monday is the day. It’s seems like just yesterday we found out but now our whole world may change next week. I am really freaked out and kind of crabby. I wish JT wasn’t as crabby as I am but unfortunately the stress is taking a seat at our dinner table and it’s hard not to notice. Just needed to get that off my chest. 4 days and counting.

I don’t consider myself very smart. I have more street smarts or a good sense of right from wrong vs. book smarts but I do know that JT’s company could possibly stop pay raises, make their CEO’s and such take a slight pay cut or even cut bonuses in half.  Possibly any of those scenarios would be better for us instead of a complete job loss. Or how about not giving his job to a person sitting at a desk overseas. I’m a little bitter, can you tell?! Sorry. It’s easier to be bitter than to sit and cry.


3 thoughts on “The long road of denial

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Oh I’m so sorry.
    I hope that isn’t the case that he may lose his job 😦

  2. midwestmommy says:

    I will be thinking of you. The Hubs made it through the first set of lay offs at his job but I just feel like no one is secure anymore. Our country is in need of some major help.

  3. bigbinder says:

    I’m so sorry… I hope you guys come of of this all without a job loss. It’s really scary and I totally get why you are bitter.

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