Works for Me Wednesday – Hyper Kids with too much energy


This cold weather and now the snow has us indoors more than we would like and the kids can get out of control, hyper and annoying. Neither of them are really video game players either. They are still a little unsure of the Wii we received for Christmas. Being young they are unable to coordinate the buttons and moving the controller to where it needs to be so they don’t use it very often, it’s more for JT and I and we use it a lot. After weeks and weeks of looking for a Wii Fit I finally found one. I also discovered that they have running on there. J saw me doing this one day and wanted to try it, sure why not. All he has to do is press the A button and hold the remote, no big deal. HE LOVES IT. So now when he has too much pent up energy I turn on Wii Fit to the Aerobic section and let him run to his hearts content. The other night he ran three short distances and one long. By the end he was back to normal. I highly recommend a little indoor exercise. Works for me.

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3 thoughts on “Works for Me Wednesday – Hyper Kids with too much energy

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Ahhhh! Good idea. Evan loves the running activity on there and if we run together we’ll both get exercise :0)

  2. hotomom says:

    I know it’s awesome. It’s a win-win situation.

  3. Kim says:

    Have you tried passing your guide on these runs? You fall down, and it’s hysterical. Maddy does it all the time. I know it’s probably not the point but it’s still funny. 🙂

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