Another Snow Day

Not that I am complaining. I love snow. I love how pristine it looks when it’s untouched, I love to watch it fall and I really don’t mind playing in it with the kids. But, my house is a disaster and I can barely stand it. School was finally cancelled last night at 10:36 am. JT and I kept talking about today’s conditions were going to be worse than yesterday’s so why the hesitation?! Well it was called off so why dwell on the fact that he was one of the last schools to cancel. My mom reminded me that at least the communication system has improved. She remembers either receiving a phone call early in the morning or having to wake up early and watch the bottom of the TV screen. Now all I have to do is wait for an e-mail, usually comes the night before. So we can all sleep in and relax in the morning.

J is disappointed. He really loves going to school. He adores Mrs. Beth and Mrs. Carol. If I could afford it he would go more than once a week. So he was a little whiny this morning while talking about not going to school but L was like whatever mom. My question that is lingering… what happens to our teach conference appointment tonight?! Do you think it’s still on? Not really sure, I haven’t really heard from the teacher. I guess if I don’t hear from her by nap time I will need to call her.

Yesterday we had a ton of fun outside. This is the first year the kids have had sleds and we have a little hill in our front yard, nothing special but it’s exciting enough for a four year old and a 3 year old. Here are some pics from yesterday, I am sure there will be more from today.


Both kids are all about the snow but J loves to throw snowballs. He didn’t rest until I was covered in snow. Little turkey.

dscn9588 dscn9590 dscn9591 dscn9600

JT was off in the afternoon so he joined us for some outdoor fun… gotta love that hat.


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