Just some stuff worth dotting

Nothing of importance has been going on, just daily stuff, for instance:

  • Why is it that my son can name all of the Planet Heroes and Superheroes but he cannot remember to lift the seat when he goes to the bathroom.
  • JT has a cold which he has passed onto me, so I am on a Zicam regime.
  • L is obsessed with her bows, she takes them all off her holder  and puts them in her hair. Want proof? Check this picture out.
  • Could Oprah let it go?! Yes I am happy that Obama is president but a whole week of shows about this fact, common on… we can tune into the nightly news or CNN to hear about his presidency. Let it go Oprah. Does anyone else think that she considers herself above all others? Like she was sent here to save us. Just curious. She is really starting to bug me.
  • I may not be a stay at home mom for much longer. I will be applying next week for a part-time secretarial position. I won’t say more than that but it wouldn’t be so bad.
  • I am going scrapbooking tomorrow with my friend and I am so excited although I have set a limit on my spending, we’ll see if I can adhere to it.
  • I really need to get on my thank you notes. I think I might do a couple in poem form. I am feeling creative lately.
  • I also really need to make my window jam things. Our window are really drafty and my mom and I came up with our own design so now I just have to sew them and stuff them with rice or something.
  • JT bought some green bags for me. Ah the little things are what matter. He is such a good listener and reads my blog everyday so he knew I wanted some, so he bought them for me. I can’t wait to try them, I’ll let you know how they are.
  • L has show n tell every week and this week was the letter N. She’s not allowed to take someone because she originally wanted to take her Uncle Na but the teacher said no. So instead she took her favorite picture of Na. It’s a picture taken of N8 and I in Florida at Epcot on New Year’s Eve 2001.


  • My mom was the latest victim in layoffs but it’s only for a month so that’s really good for her.
  • JT still hasn’t found a job but there are so many rumors bouncing off the walls at his work that he may not need to worry. Um hello rumors don’t pay bills, how about they announce something officially before he is due to get his letter in 8 days.
  • I am very excited that it’s going to snow next week Monday and Tuesday. We have all the equipment necessary this year… sleds, boots… so you know that means it won’t snow. Last year we didn’t have any of that stuff and it snowed A LOT.

Well hopefully something worth noting will happen today because otherwise I’ve got nothing. Maybe tomorrow I will have projects to blog about, we’ll see. Have a good weekend.


2 thoughts on “Just some stuff worth dotting

  1. Jennifer says:

    I hear you about Oprah… I quit watching about election time because of this. I used to enjoy her show before it was a political statement.

    Good Luck on your job search.

    Been reading your blog for awhile, found you through Heather’s blog. Live in the Lou too!!!

  2. Mom says:

    Ok so I was not such a big fan of Bush towards the end but Oprah is not being kind to him. This is just becoming disrespectful to a retiring president.

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