Vacationing At Home

With job status still unknown we have decided to do things around STL this year instead of traveling to say Florida, Gulf Shores or even Chicago. Today we took the kids to the Arch. It was a beautiful day, a little chilly when we headed out but by the time we were headed home we had shed our coats. With only one car, we drop JT off at work everyday which means we pass by the arch everyday. The kids are always mesmerized and talk about how big it is and what’s up there so finally we decided to take them.

I remember why I hadn’t been in 15 + years, the ride up is not one of my favorite things to do. Even JT was a little thrown a couple of times. L loved it, she has absolutely no fear but J was clinging to my leg with his little hand the whole time.

Once up at the top the kids loved looking through the windows and as J put it “seeing the city”. We only stayed up there for a total of 10 minutes, because once you’ve looked at the river a couple of times and watched a barge head North or glanced at the cars going by on 55 and seeing the tall buildings doing… well, nothing, you’re good. So we headed back down and this time I decided to sit farther back in the “egg” (as I refer to it, because that must be what a baby chick feels like) while L sat looking down the entire time. Lord help me.

The midwest expansion museum was interesting to walk through. They saw a teepee,  a covered wagon, stuffed horses and buffalo, automated Indians and a magic cow. L was pretty interested in the older pictures and the displays, J could have cared less, he liked the horse and buffalo. They have two gift shops. One is an old grocery store/candy store with ladies dressed in period garb and the other is your run of the mill gift shop. We walked through both and let the kids each buy a USA puzzle.

So there you have it, our sightseeing trip right here at home – total cost $50. $30 to go up in the arch and $20 for souvenirs (if you count USA puzzles as souvenirs). I bet you’re wondering if there are pictures, you betcha.



In the “egg” this is the leg room you have….





L looking down while we were going down



L took this picture for us, a budding photographer






Such a great day!!!


4 thoughts on “Vacationing At Home

  1. Jane says:

    Love the pix, Hollie–great shots of the feet collection, shadows, kiddos, and YOU too. What a beautiful day for your family’s field trip! I can see a layout in the works. 😀

  2. Mom says:

    Absotively adorable. Posilutely.

  3. Kim says:

    Maddy and I did that this past summer, and we went to City Museum afterward. Sometimes it’s nice to vacation in your own bad yard.

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