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I love doing reviews for Team Mom and so when they sent out a review request for an internet service called Qlubb I was very excited to check it out. I am on my computer a lot because I enjoy it. I am constantly updating my two blogs, my facebook page and checking my e-mail so anything that makes my life supposedly easier on-line is awesome.

This website Qlubb claims it’s “the easiest way to get your real-life groups organized and on the same page”. I decided to make a page for my book club on Qlubb. We are always e-mailing back and forth about our meetings that take place once a month. Usually there’s an e-mail to announce the book we chose, then there’s one when we decide on the meeting place, then there’s one for a reminder, well it can get exhausting to keep up with and also to remember to type all those things out.

On Qlubb you basically go on and choose the group you want to create. You name the group and create a password everyone can remember, then you invite everyone. EASY PEASEY!! There is a calendar for the group to put any important dates, you can rsvp to the events you place on the calendar, there is a blurbs section where you can leave quick notes to each other, you can e-mail the group, there is a place where you can put useful tips or websites etc. I personally love the members section. You just answer a couple questions and in one place you have everyone’s e-mails, phone numbers and addresses. I have even uploaded a picture of the book we are reading to the front page. There isn’t much you can say about the website that isn’t positive.

One cool thing… everyone has the exact same privleges. There isn’t a moderator, just a creator. So my friends can go on and change anything they want. I like that we are all on the “same page”. Just think of what you could do with this website… you could plan a family reunion, put together one for a playgroup, bible study groups, your sports team and they say for classrooms. I highly recommend this site, check it out, it could simplify your life too.

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