I remember when Barack Obama was elected to Senator of Illinois and the reason I remember… I told JT I was jealous that Illinois had someone so extraordinary to vote for and we did not. I remember saying I wished that I could vote for him. Flash forward – I was lucky enough to be given that chance in November I was able to vote for him and now excitement pulses through my veins while watching the Inauguration today. It’s contagious because L has been interested all day, she was excited to see the American flag, she was excited to learn about the National Anthem and she was excited to see Barack Obama, excuse me President Barack Obama. When she looks at him she doesn’t see the first black President of the United States all she sees is a man. My friend Erin put it perfectly on her blog. I couldn’t have said it any better.

I know that change will happen, probably not as quickly as we all need it to, but I feel it will come with time. I have never known this many people out of work at one time. My brother-in-law was the next victim we found out about today. He didn’t even know it was coming. So we add him to our list. On that list my husband, a few friends, my brother-in-law and several friends and family members that work at companies that are severely suffering. Only time will tell.


Sidenote: L doesn’t have chicken pox as of right now. We are off to the doctor today to find out what’s going on.

One thought on “History

  1. Di says:

    great blog. so nicely put, you are always great with details & descriptions! L is lucky to have you to explain it to her. Reminds me of the time ol ex mominlaw (member her?!) tried to tell my boy not to talk to certain peps, and he became angry,at 5, telling her we were ALL the same color inside & outsides don’t matter. I cried, fo sure! He touched my heart, mommy was rubbin THAT in for quite awhile, Suz&Steph seconded those tears as well! Good job showing L the true meaning of these great changes I hope we’re in for! I hope for everyones sake things turn around quickly. Keep your chin up,JT is a bright fella,lotsa peps will be needing him soon I hope! Garden Market reopening I might come back in town for that….?! lol-JK!

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