A healthy co-pay

Today I decided to take L to the doctor. She was screaming in pain every time she ate something and when we would touch her jaw or her right cheek so I was starting to get a little worried. Plus on Sunday she had a fever and it kind of continued in low form through today. So off to the doctor to pay a co-pay of $25. She’s fine. They said that it’s just a really hidden canker sore (the largest I have ever seen) and probably either from an allergic reaction to aluminum in her toothpaste (because she gets them all the time) or from the fever. So there you have it. $25 for a canker sore. Brilliant!!!

I also talked to them about this whole chicken pox thing and the nurse and the doctor said that she probably won’t get them, she is about 80% covered with the vaccinations. If she does get them… it will be an extremely mild case. Good to know. But J could get them like anyone else since he hasn’t had his second vaccine yet. So that’s the last you’ll hear from me on this topic. I even had a great blog title if they had contracted the pox…. “Nothing here but us chickens”.

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