Need a little cheering up???!

I figured you might since I have reminded you of all of your blessedness this morning and the fact that you should be hugging on your children right now (even though I am not – they are fighting in the other room). I have decided to show you your way through the scarf dilemma in this country (well not really me). Everyone is wearing scarves, it’s the thing to do. My brother’s girlfriend, a scarf wearer, me not so much. She looks cute in her scarves, they always match her outfit, etc. Me… yeah I have one or two scarves. They aren’t cute, they are practical, it’s winter!! I just want to stay warm. Maybe I will attempt a scarf wearing today when I venture out, we’ll see. Sometimes I feel ridiculous when I wear one like I am trying to fit in, like my fake uggs. But, it’s such a cute look. Why am I rambling? Because I just was checking out Big Mama (you got love Big Mama, she is so funny, she has the ability to send an incontinent momma running for the bathroom) and every Friday she has Fashion Friday and I swear I read it every Friday. I once sent her a question about something my own momma encountered and she replied back. I still have the e-mail because I am freak like that. Once again I strayed, here’s my point, she did a brilliant VLOG on the whole scarf thing. Cracked me up. Check her out and her video… immediately!!!! I would share but once again WordPress disappoints.


2 thoughts on “Need a little cheering up???!

  1. ofebers says:

    You mean “Fuggs?” I love my fuggs and am glad I could spend $120 less on a look a like!

  2. hotomom says:

    Hell ya sista!! Except mine just recently split at the seam. I haven’t even had them 4 months yet. Nice. I am totally calling the company to complain.

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