Flu or Pox?

That is the million dollar question this evening. One day last week L came home with a yellow note stating that a sibling of a preschooler had Chicken Pox and by law they have to let us know or some crap like that. All it did was send me in a flurry of nervousness. I immediately called my pediatrician’s office to get the down low. Apparently my kids did receive the vaccine but it doesn’t completely prevent them from getting it. So then I called my mom and she told me that it would be okay if they got the Pox. This way it would be over and it’s always a little easier to just get it over with.

Today she had an odd fever. Kind of high 101.5 (in my opinion) and she is completely fine, just a little tired. She is running around and acting normal. They (the internet) say that kids will sometimes get a high fever, feel sickish, etc up to 2 days before the rash will show up. So now I sit and wait and think about all the things we will do while tied to the house for a week to two weeks because you know J will get it right after if not during L’s duration. I know I am probably overreacting but I can’t help it. Better to have my mind prepared than not.

One thought on “Flu or Pox?

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Yikes! I have heard that too. That it’s better to get them young. I didn’t get c.p. until I was in eighth grade. :0p

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