A Christmas Layout

I have been really busy working on getting all of my Christmas layouts done since 2004 and putting them in an album. I am currently in 2006. I tend to do 4 to 5 layouts for each year. One for Santa’s lap, one for Christmas eve, one for Christmas morning/day (sometimes two) and one for my husband’s family. That’s a lot of layouts. While going through some old ones of L as a baby I found these three layouts that I did back in 2004. I really did not like them so I redid them plus my mom’s ex-husband was mentioned and pictured in these layouts and I have just about removed him from all of our pictures and albums.

Here are the originals…

dscn9315  dscn9316  dscn9318

I took those three and made them into this one beautiful, if I may say so, layout. No mention of the ex either. It’s like he didn’t exist, in my book that makes it perfect.


Much better!!! I am on a roll lately with scrapbooking in fact I am off to the store tonight to buy more adhesive. I go through that stuff like nothing and I am running through my supply of Christmas embellishments and paper. I need to purchase something different so they don’t all look the same and maybe I will be reinspired. On Sunday I am going with my friend Becca from high school to a Close to My Heart Workshop and I am really excited to work on that and show you. It’s going to be a present for someone. Then next Sunday I am off to Arhivers for a scrapbooking day with another friend. Love it. Nothing like hunkering down for some paper fun on cold wintery days. What do my kids do while I scrapbook at home? Typically J naps and L sits at my feet with her pink desk , some paper and stickers. She could do that for hours. Or I wait until they are asleep at night. I received my scrapbooking kit today from Paper Posies and it’s anxiously calling me, I keep forgetting to tell my new friend MaryJo about them, almost every month there are Thickers, your favorite. Anyway I am off to create more.


3 thoughts on “A Christmas Layout

  1. saint3 says:

    that must have taken u a lot of time to create!

  2. hotomom says:

    actually it only took about 30 minutes.

  3. Mom says:

    Many many thanks

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