Things I would rather be doing

I am sitting here waiting for my stupid bank to call because yet again I am having more problems with them. So I was thinking to myself what I would rather be doing right now….

  1. I would rather be driving to Florida (it took us some ungodly amount of time last time) but at least I would be warm and excited about seeing either the beach or Mickey.
  2. Be getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist and I HATE THE DENTIST. Did you know that I have a temporary that’s been there for two years.
  3. I would rather be taking care of a sick child, neither of my kids have gotten that stomach flu (wait I need to go knock on some wood, okay I’m back) I wonder if it’s because they received the flu shot or because we have been lucky so far and our day is coming.
  4. Break up another fight between my kids today, it’s all they seem to do.
  5. Cleaning and Organizing my basement, it’s a disaster zone, seriously there’s caution tape and cones down there saying “Hazard Zone”.

Okay those are the ucky things I would rather be doing than waiting for my bank to call. Here are the things that I want to do just because it would be fabulous (of course I am sitting and blogging which is always fun).

  1. Scrapbooking and/or making my thank you cards
  2. Learning about my new sewing machine and starting on a project
  3. Getting pictures together for scrapbooking this weekend with my friend
  4. Sitting on the beach watching my kids dig in the sand and feeling the warm breeze in my hair and the sunshine on my legs.
  5. Hugging my kids and sitting and rocking or reading a book with them or playing a game

Well since #4 isn’t a reality #5 seems like a really good idea to me. I’ll blog later, their lives seem to be passing me by right now.


One thought on “Things I would rather be doing

  1. Mary Jo says:

    ooooh, you got a sewing machine!

    And I hear ya! There are so many things I wish I could be doing on a regular basis it’s mind boggling.
    But less than two weeks til the crop at FKS.
    are you still going?

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