Now I Remember

I remember why I don’t drink much and because of that (the not drinking part) I was really drunk on Saturday night. So drunk in fact that I ended up spending my Sunday morning revisiting my wine and appetizers. Nice picture, aren’t you glad I shared!

My cousin O turns 30 today. She is so young and so lucky to only be 30. We celebrated in style on Saturday night at Ice and Fuel. Where I had 4 glasses of wine and told some guy that he needed “to wrap it up” (I was spinning my finger in a circle at the same time) while he was standing at the jukebox. I am not usually that insane and loud… anymore. It was pretty bad. That guy I am sure went home and totally bitched about what a bitch I am, oh well. I had fun. Here are some pictures to share of the birthday soiree:

O and I about 3 glasses into the night, at least I look okay here.


My brother and his friend Paulie Walnuts (I don’t know… that’s just what they call him) and yes ladies Paulie is single and looking for a “good girl”, like me, but not how I acted on Saturday.


My cousins K and my brother – she won a medal that day playing basketball for the Special Olympics.


My brother and husband are crazy. When they are together you never know what they will do… here they are acting like monkeys, very fitting indeed.


Here are two fellow bloggers. I had met Nicole (my cousin’s neighbor) once before and I was fortunate enough to meet Kelli for the first time. I read both of their blogs EVERYDAY!!! Next time I see them I will have to make sure there is no alcohol involved. I think I asked them at some point why they weren’t drinking, I am such a tool.


Here’s a picture of my aunt (O’s mom), she’s the one in the middle, my other aunt (basically my mom’s two sisters) and my aunt’s friend.


Then there’s my aunt and uncle, they are so funny and that’s JT in the background


And last picture – the birthday girl….


HAPPY BIRTHDAY O!!! Maybe I can find some really old pictures of O and put them on here… I’m sure she would love that.


One thought on “Now I Remember

  1. Di says:

    HILARIOUS! We have turned into such lightweights, haven’t we?! lol. I still have fond memories of you holding my hair for me, while I squeezed the porcelein (sp) throne with all my might! LMAO! thanks for that! love your stories! glad u had a good time, but remember to share the jukebox!

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