Just Jibber Jabber – cause I got nothing else

Sometimes having one car can really put a strain on us… like tonight L has dance class and JT is going to a job fair, which is really important but poor L hasn’t been to dance class in 3 weeks. So I am going to drop JT off before dance class in Sunset Hills for his job fair and race across town back by home to get L to dance class, then JT was going to sit and wait for us until we were done but instead I asked my brother to pick him up so there you go problem averted.

Today I have to go to Target (we still don’t have any money, stupid bank it’s been 2 1/2 weeks they’ve been holding my checks) while J is in speech therapy but I need to get JT a resume portfolio for today (one of those leather folders with the pad of paper) and J some mittens (he lost his). Ugh. I may just wait one more day on the mittens. l received a movie for Christmas that we already own so I was going to try and return it to Walmart but I don’t have the receipt but I think they will give me store credit and then I can buy a pair of mittens. Hopefully!! Otherwise I will be regifting a certain HSM2 movie.


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