I HAVE to go grocery shopping

I don’t really like to grocery shop. I always have my list and make sure that I stick to it, pretty closely, sometimes there might be a magazine or two that sneak in but I am a pretty good grocery shopper, I guess if that’s a skill. My husband will go to the grocery store and come back with all kinds of stuff not on the list, if you ask him about it this is one thing he will admit too.

Anyway we are out of EVERYTHING! No lunchmeat, no milk, no coffee creamer, no food to cook for dinner, you get the idea. So here is my list, all organized (maybe a tad bit too organized, I had the time)


The envelope has my coupons in there, do you know that I found 25 coupons for items on my list today. Holy cow, I have never shopped with that many coupons.


So all those deals are sure to make up for the amount of money I need to spend at OfficeMax. I need to get resume paper, toner for the printer, some sort of air spray for my keyboard and wipes for the TV and my monitor (yikes) that should be a hefty bill. Thankfully the printer only needs toner every other month, which alone is close to $100. But with the process of printing pictures for upcoming scrapbooking projects and the mass producing of resumes, it’s sure to get a workout in the next couple of weeks.


Here’s a deal for all of you STL folks – The Old Spaghetti Factory is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary. Every Monday and Tuesday night in January you can get salad, bread, spaghetti (or other pasta classic) and spumoni for $2.35, kids meals are only $1.95. You can only go between the hours of 5 pm to closing time, visit www.osf.com for more information and their locations, it’s good at all of their locations.


One last thing while I have your attention – could the media leave the Travolta’s alone!!! If ET runs their entire show tonight about them again I might spew venom. Please let’s not interview bystanders about how John and Kelly were acting on the way to the hospital. I am sure they were beside themselves and they deserve their privacy, the same we all get when someone close to us dies, especially a child.

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